Layout Systems

There’s a really interesting discussion going on at Eric Meyer’s blog regarding (the lack of) a decent layout system for the web. There’s also the usual troll-/flame-/bitch-fest brewing in the comments, but there are a few pearls in there that I think are worth extracting for some extra thought:

  • Nick Morgan suggests a grid concept to be used for layout by implementing relationships between element’s grid parameters
  • kylegl sums up the problem as the inability to define relationships between elements
  • AlastairC mentions that there is already behavioural layout implementations in JS
  • CSS Annoyed again brings up element relationships as the problem

I also learnt about the strange world of the W3C’s CSS Advanced Layout Module. I agree with Eric; it’s ASCII Art! I need to think a bit more about these things… I’m sure there is a solution, or at least something wise to be said.

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